What kind of documents I need to give in order to get rated ? If I am a company, a startup or a SME ?

You can either submit required and not required documents.

What are the documents required?

Investor Pitch Deck, presenting your company in a PDF file, with good design, a good image.

What are documents not required?

Business Plan & a Forecast Plan (Future financial details)

What kind of information is required?

Company name, your industry, website URL, logo, elevator pitch, description product, service, market, competition.

What kind of information is not required?

Stage (For Expansion or Seed), Equity in % to give, Valuation (Pre Money), Money to be raised, Youtube URL, Facebook URL, Twitter URL, Google+ URL, LinkedIn URL, Partner 1, Partner 2, Company link (on your crowdfunding platform), Image 1, Image 2, Image 3.

You have also the option to make the document public or private and released manually by you to a user.

Do you give a reward?

We give a reward of 50$ for every new customers sending to us a request for a pitch deck, a business plan, a video, a media exposure request. Contact us if you are interested.

Displaying Problem and technical problem?

If you have a displaying a problem and you don't find our user interface beautiful enough, contact us, our platofmr support only Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge and not Apple Safari. We don't support cellphones and pads/tablets.

Do you announce my company on other sites ?

Yes, on Linkedin, on Twitter and on Facebook, and in our newsletter.

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